Children Of Eden- CCM

Design Team:

Director: Vincent DeGeorge

Designer: Logan Greenwell

Budget: $400


Production Process

Worked with director and designer to create climbable furniture piles that lived in the world of the play. The small dove puppets were developed with the director over the course of the rehearsals to reflect the mood of the musical.

Special Highlights:

Climbable Furniture Piles

The set was predominantly comprised of a climbable furniture pile. In order to understand the demands and versatility needed for the pile, I sat in on rehearsals to monitor how the needs of the play were evolving. In creating the piles themselves, furniture was strapped to hidden platforms supplied by the scene shop. Weight baring pieces comprised the core of each stack to supply a safe path. Additional pieces were added to imply a more chaotic appearance. This show involved a labor-intensive load-in and strike, but with beautiful results.


Show Photos: