I believe props are hugely important in making a play feel real to the audience. They provide texture and depth to the places created on-stage and can subtly or overtly reinforce the director’s vision and heighten the performance of the actors. I relish theatre’s collaborative process in which artists and technicians work together to create designs and builds that bring the stage to life, creating a magical space where the story can be told. A prop shop should be a place of joyful busyness, with everyone cooperatively pulling together to make the all-important deadlines that support the show. I feel it is important to always keep growing— whether that is by supporting a co-worker learning a new process or allowing oneself to explore a new method. These are the values and visions that keep me going through thick and thin.

I love all methods of creation and I am particularly drawn to the creation of life-like animals that blur the line between art and reality. My Master's thesis explored this interest, focusing on how to design and build animals for the stage. Making believable animals provides complex puzzles and possibilities that intrigue and challenge me in new ways. When all is said and done, I love bringing materials to life.